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With Janet Hayes

Next Available: Sat, 27 Mar 11:00AM (AEDT)
4 hours 30 minutes
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Janet will show you how to create sketches in ink and use watercolour to add colour. Ink and

watercolour is an ideal sketching combination for travelling, and a quick easy way to capture

landscape, buildings and your favourite things. This day will contain a combination of exploring

different techniques with watercolour and creating finished sketches.

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What you will learn
  • Skills needed for ink and watercolour sketching
  • Some basic watercolour techniques
What you will get
  • Professional guidance- exercises, demonstrations and one on one help
  • Several finished ink and watercolour sketches

What to bring
  • Paper A5 or A4 Art Spectrum Draw and Wash rough texture pad (approx $11-$20) or similar, you will need 4- 6 sheets so you may just like to bring 1 sheet of watercolour paper to cut up 200gsm - 300gsm cold press medium to rough texture Waterproof black ink pen .1 - .05 (approx $5) 1H graphite pencil (approx $2) Small watercolour set such as a round Koh-i-Noor colour set (approx $6) or a set of at least 6 half pans with palette, (approx $50) (Koh-i-Noor colour sets and half pan sets are great for travelling and outdoor work), or at least 6 watercolours tubes e.g. : lemon yellow, cadmium yellow deep, ultramarine blue, prussian blue, crimson, cadmium red, black (approx $35) plus a plastic palette (can be a plastic plate) 2 x Number 6 round taklon brushes (approx $10 ) Total: $34 - minimum, maximum $87 depending on what you would like to spend, any queries will be addressed in the first session The art shop in Power road Bayswater have all these materials and you can also order them over the internet.
  • Some watercolours, brushes, pencils, pens and paper will be available in class if you don't have what is required.
What to wear

Wear comfy clothes, Apron we will be working with ink and watercolours

Appropriate for

Beginners to intermediate

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